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Daniel H.

Chairman & CEO

As the Chairman & CEO for Unified Solutions, Daniel leads the company’s global technology innovations and solutions, serving clients worldwide. He has a deep understanding of the industry and has successfully adapted to changing market conditions. Daniel works with the leadership team and aligns team members to compliment the corporate strategy, goals, and objectives. His passion is on driving success and growth, while implementing customized solutions that gain a competitive advantage. To do this, his mindset is to: Constantly Improve, Challenge the Status Quo, Continuously Innovate.

My Experience

Daniel brings over 30+ years of experience, holding several executive leadership positions at prominent global multi-billion dollar corporations, as well as supporting numerous government agencies and private sector organizations. He holds an extensive number of information technology and security certifications with widespread knowledge of process improvement, security, governance, risk, audit control and strategic alignment. Daniel has repeated success in planning and implementing strategies, collaborating with executive teams, achieving financial goals, improving customer service quality, mentoring staff, and implementing modern technologies. Daniel is experienced in enhancing provision of enterprise solutions by analyzing client needs, preferences, and behaviors. Throughout his career, Daniel has a demonstrated record of promoting infrastructure focused on security, mobility, automation, reliability, and technology, while offering in-depth expertise in vendor management and safeguarding IT resources through cost-effective management of technology solutions.